Best 65″ HDTV under $1000 – 2018

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A 65″ inch TV is just about the right size to tell people “Hey, I made it in life.” Anything smaller means you’ve skimped out and anything larger means you’re overcompensating. This sweet spot deserves some looking into, as I know several people who are currently in the market for such a TV.

I’m going to stick with televisions in the sub $1k range, but don’t feel like I left you rich people out in the dust, I’m going to take care of your TV search as well.

Let’s just get it out of the way first. If you’ve got money to burn, first give me some, but then just go buy any television that has the word “OLED” in the name, just get it. Stop reading, and just buy it. It’s better than anythign else on the market and the slight differences between the different OLED models aren’t significant. Just find the cheapest OLED of the size you want and BOOM, you’re done. Here, let me even make it easier for you. Buy this one. I have it and it’s amazing. If you don’t already have one, it’s going to blow your mind and do your taxes.

A step down from an OLED screen are the technologies that try to make themselves seem just as special, like the QLED, Quantum Dot, XLED, etc… Anything that seems like it’s a “special” technology that they’re selling, but it’s not an OLED, is going to be worse. They are all inferior to the OLED at this point. They are, however, still very good. Never pay more for one of these “special” televisions if you can get an OLED of the same size instead.

Shopping for the top end is super easy right now, so that’s why I’m going to concentrate on the sub $1K models. This is where quality can vary quite a bit and pricing is important to buyers.

Like most of my reviews, I follow a certain procedure. I find the top brands based on reliability, I narrow down all models from each manufacturer in the desired feature set and price range, then I lay them all out and rank them based on value, and I don’t consider old models since I like things shiny. This is to save you time and for me to sound smart.

After doing this procedure, I’ve found that the Vizio P Series (when on sale), fits the bill. Additionally, the Vizio M and E series provide good budget alternatives. TCL has a very good TV at their top end, the 6-Series. I’ve owned one of these TVs in the 55″ size, side by side with an LG OLED and the colors were almost just as good. The less than perfect reviews of the TCL point to some quality control issues, so if you get that one, make sure to check it out properly and return it if it’s less than perfect. The backlight issues people have been reporting with the Sony, Samsung, and LG models in this price range were enough to disqualify them in my mind. Therefore, my conclusion is:

#1 Vizio P-Series
#2 TCL 6 Series
#3 Vizio M-Series
#4 Vizio E-Series

So there they are. Like usual, I’d buy whichever one goes on sale first. The Visio P series and TCL 6 series are almost in a separate class from the M and especially E series. I’d aim for one of those first, unless you see a screaming good deal on the M series or E series and don’t necessarily need the best image quality. They’re all good enough to play games on with low input lag, so no worries about that. It’s good to use a solid site like Amazon to get the specs of the item, but for some reason there are very few reviews for many of these models and many of them are negative. If you look at Google or Best Buy where they have hundreds or thousands of reviews, you’ll see the actual average of the reviews for these models are actually very positive, so don’t be put off by those Amazon weirdos.