Best Budget 70″-75″ HDTV – 2018

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So, I’ve got a problem. My friend got a 65″ OLED, and it’s damn good. I need to be able to rub something in his face, but I don’t (can’t) want to drop 2 to 3 thousand on a television to outdo him, but I still want to be able to rub something in his face. For that, I have decided to get a larger television, so I can always say “yeah your picture quality is better, but I can fit both Jack and Rose on my television if I laid it flat… and it floated. In any case, I’m searching for a 70″-75” television for around $1000 bucks. Read on if you’re looking to do the same.

When I want to buy a television, or really any large electronic item, I don’t want it to break right after the warranty runs out. Sure, I can use a credit card extended warranty to get up to two extra years, but who really wants to deal with shipping back a giant broken television? For that reason, I will restrict my review to only the top brands based on reliability. These brands are: Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, TCL, and maybe Hisense in a pinch.

I also don’t want any super old television, nothing used or refurbished. Sure, maybe one of those older televisions can give me marginally better value for the picture quality, but it’s more likely not to support some new features like HDR10, HDMI2.2, arc, low input lag, etc… Additionally, the warranty will likely be up and that’s actually pretty significant for televisions since they’re on a lot and often times have weak power supplies.

And finally, I want HDR and low input lag for gaming and compute ruse. All that being considered, I still want the best picture quality under the restrictions I’ve set out, so let’s get to it!

Samsung has tons of TV options, many of which are way outside the budget. In fact, for a new set at 70″, they all are. Samsung is just too premium for a 70″-75″ in the $1k price range. Perhaps they have some older refurbished models, but I just don’t do that.

LG has quite the lineup of TVs that don’t make any sense. They’ve just got way too many to care about. When looking at the appropriate price range for a 70″ inch, we are only given one practical option: The 70UK6570PUB. It’s got great reviews on Google and Best buy, but for some reason it has very sparse reviews on Amazon. On average, reviews are very positive though. The LG OS has a gaming mode as well, and LG has been doing very good with input lag recently, so I’m not too worried about that despite not being able to find a hard number for that metric.

Sony has pretty much the KD-70X690E in the desired price range. It’s last year’s model, but you can find it new still with warranty. That being said, they have some pretty bad reviews on Amazon complaining about the reliability of the TV. 3.5 stars out of 5. It might be in the price range and size range, but unless the picture quality is amazing (which it isn’t), the reliability and customer satisfaction score is going to disqualify this set.

Vizio has the easiest system. P series for premium. M series for alMost premium, E series for Eeeeeh, it’s okay, and D series for dirt cheap. (I made all those up.) However, Vizio puts the 70″ M series, a 75″ E series, or a 75″ D series within striking distance. No P series or quantum dots for us, but all the Vizio series have good input lag for gaming.

TCL makes some amazing 65″ televisions for the value, but for some reason they don’t make anything above a 65″. I used to have one of these bad boys and it was really nice. Unfortunately, no TCL televisions will make the cut here.

Hisense… well, they don’t have many reviews, their official website doesn’t have any 70″-75″ TVs listed, and their consumer affairs rating is pretty down in the dumps. I’m going to give them a hard pass. I did say they were a “maybe”.

Alright, we’ve narrowed it down quite a bit. We’re left with the following options:

LG 70UK6570PUB 70″ – ~$1000-1100

Vizio D Series 70″ – ~$1000

Vizio E Series 75″ – ~$1300

Vizio E Series 70″ – ~$1000

Vizio M Series 70″ – ~$1300

It’s pretty easy to tell the relative quality in the Vizio line, but seeing where that LG sits is a bit more difficult. The LG 70UK6570PUB  doesn’t support Dolby Vision, which is important for some, but more importantly, it uses edge lit LEDs. That, in my mind, is vastly inferior to sets that use local dimming, such as the Vizio E series and up (although the E series only has 12 zones). I’d compare the LG similarly to the Vizio D series, which doesn’t use local dimming. The price range also confirms it’s approximate rank among these sets.

So then which is worth the purchase?

The number of dimming zones is probably one of the most important metrics here, since that can really affect how deep those blacks look, which is important for picture quality. Because of that, I would argue that the LG and Vizio D series shouldn’t be considered. They’re old tech. The number of dimming zones in the E series is 16 and it goes up to 48 in the M series. The screen also becomes brighter when going from E to M series. If leaning towards the high end of the budget is okay, I think going for either the 70″ Vizio M series or the 75″ Vizio E series would be best. The price estimates above are the current best price I can find on Ebay, and ebay typically has coupon codes or Ebay bucks deals that can bring down the price by 100 bucks, putting those two options more within striking distance. Honestly, I’d probably just wait for a deal on either set and get the one that comes first. I might prefer the 75″ E series though, as that ginormous screen will be a good way to rub the TV size into my friend’s face even harder.


Keep in mind, the Amazon reviews are very sparse and the real average ratings can be seen on other websites including Best Buy and Google. The best price is usually seen from Ebay, but you have to be careful about making sure it’s new and with a warranty.